Wednesday, 28 May 2014

DNC Board Meeting Minutes: May 27th 2014

DNC Board Meeting Minutes: May 27th 2014
X reads constitution
Motion to accept agenda
Introduction (three new members)
Guest presentation re: tenant safety issues/ privacy/ people need to protect themselves - cameras help people to protect themselves from theft, intrusion of privacy.
Guest presentation leads to discussion that this problem with theft/privacy is part of tenant’s rights issues.
X makes a motion for a committee to deal with tenant’s rights issues.
Motion accepted.
X reads email re: finance/ fundraising committee.
X makes a motion to approve finance/fundraising committee/stipend for fundraising to be provided
Motion accepted.
Membership secretary elected
Motion to accept X as new membership secretary
Motion accepted.
Motion to accept Legal Club/Advocacy committee to meet June 5th, 1:30 pm Location TBA
Motion accepted
Conflict resolution proposal: Tabled.
X gives Street Market report re: funding for security guards
Motion to adjourn

DNC Board Minutes - May 20, 2014

DNC Board Meeting Minutes - May 20, 2014

12 board members in attendance, 2 guests.

X reads the constitution
X reads previous minutes, minutes approved with friendly amendment to give $5 honorarium to X for addressing the board.
Round of introductions
MOTION: X, Xto approve the agenda. Motion passes.

Presentation on mayor’s mental health task force:

Summary of materials , Declaration of mental health crisis, task force comprises 45 members, mostly from service providers, 8 from VPD, 1-VANDU, 1-GG, 1-At Home Chez Soi, Chaired by Penny Ballem, Sessions on variety of topics: stigma, systems, eliminating barriers – to sharing information among non-profits.
Add 300 secure mental health beds, now 150 beds in DTES, rest outside. More staffing at BC housing sites, more significant support through ACT teams etc…, visits regularly, enhanced crisis care, funding for 9 beds at StPauls, creation of joint VPD/ACT teams, police can decide if you are mentally ill.
(Section 28 of mental health act)
June 11 is session on addictions
SAMI – Severely addicted and mentally ill
6 points of agreement or discussion.
Issues discussed surrounding Charter of Rights.
Consuming illicit alcohol and crystal meth leads to brain damage, therefor can now be classified as mentally ill. Mental health act will be used against addicts.
Agreement has been made on information sharing between agencies.
Discussion of civil forfeiture laws starting as something sold as reasonable and then clearly getting out of hand.
Discussion of voluntary community crisis centre that would remove necessity for committal of at risk persons.

Finance Committee

Meeting on Friday, May 23rd at 9:30am


Street Market advisory
Background Re: PHS and neighbourhood
Dominic Flanagan – believes in forced treatment
Princess will not be taken back, but possibility of VCH or others coming in and running it like an institution
Discussion of Trauma informed services as an alternative narrative to the forced treatment model
VCH is under pressure to turn away from harm reduction
Alternatives to Detox centres should be a priority


Delayed due to the long weekend

Phone Tree

Divide up an old copy of the membership list

Need to meet regarding the website – X, X, X, X perhaps
X visited an advocacy workshop, there may be positions available.

Motion to adjourn, moment of silence

Monday, 19 May 2014

DNC Board Minutes - May 13, 2014

DNC Board Minutes - May 13, 2014

1)      Proposal – Art project
2)      Website
3)      X: Process for changing the constitution
4)      Ad hoc committee for changing constitution
5)      Voice mail script
6)      Rule about attendance
7)      Statement, Re: guests
8)      Other business
X reads the constitution
X reads previous minutes, minutes approved

Art Project
X presents the DNC Women’s Community based Art Project
Discussion of making it a gender neutral Arts group
MOTION: X, X motions for $20 budget for a poster to promote the Women’s Art group times at 62 East Hastings. Motion passes.

X will give X’ contact info to X so they can set up a meeting

X obtained the real constitution that is significantly different than the one we were led to believe, or the one that the previous board put up on our website. No changes to constitution are now being proposed.

MOTION: X, X motions that after three consecutive missed meetings the board will start the process to declare the seat vacant. Motion passes.

Program through VCH – training people to be disability advocates
Discussion of fundraising committee
Discussion of task force on mental health
Brochure is now ready to go, facts about our neighbourhood
Meeting to adjourn – 11am

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

DNC Board Meeting Minutes - May 6th, 2014

DNC Board Meeting Minutes - May 6, 2014

9 board members in attendance, 10 total attendees

Membership List
Code of Conduct
Other business – minutes

X reads the constitution
Round of introductions
Postpone reading and approval of minutes

Discussion of brochure – should be welcoming, should encourage all residents to take part
MOTION: X, X motions to take everyone’s input and do a revised brochure. Motion passes.

Discussion of updating the constitution

Will contact X about maintaining website
Will grant board members with FB admin access to the DNC FB page

Membership List
Next week do outreach to members, phone list party

Gastown Gazette
We now have a sponsorship from GG to list our minutes.
MOTION: X, X will write a short summary of our meetings for the GG. Motion passes.

Code of Conduct
X discusses some examples of basic conduct rules such as someone cannot be a member and have as their goal the destruction of the organization. Discussion of writing a common sense list which will serve as a guide for board members and meetings.

Motion to adjourn, moment of silence