Monday, 14 November 2011

DNC Board - Nov 14 2011

DNC Board
Nov 14 2011

** next meeting we need to find out who is not getting these emails and help them get on the listserve.

Attending as board members:  Irene, Harold, Louie, Anne Marie, Jamie, Dave H, Roland, Jada, Paul, Wendy, Richard, Joe, Dave M and Ivan.
John, Herb, Charles, Gord, Jen as members
Regrets:  DJ, Tami and Ann

Ivan handed out new constitution and bylaws.

1) Opening Protocols:   Louie did acknowledgement.  Dave H read the new constitution out-loud. 

Discussion about constitution:  Jen:   sex trade worker in the constitution – it should say survival sex worker.  Maybe this can’t wait until next year’s AGM to edit.  Harold is fine with the change it as special resolution as long as Jen explains it at the meeting.  Need to put the motion on the poster as a special resolution at the GM.  Ivan:  how about editing it to just say “sex worker”.  Jen:  “survival sex and sex work” or “Sex industry workers” is better.  Dave H:  better to keep it short and use “industry” if it includes everyone.  Gord:  It’s not really an industry.  Paul: Industry doesn’t mean a company. 

Jen’s motion:  to make a special resolution at the next general meeting to edit the DNC’s constitution from “sex worker” to “sex industry worker and especially survival sex worker.”  Paul seconds.  Carried unanimously.      

Ivan’s motion:  To accept the agenda.  Paul seconds.  Carried Unanimously. 

2) Welcome to board

a) Board roles and responsibilities – We had a board orientation meeting last year.  We decided to organize our board differently than most boards.  We have co-Presidents and more treasurers and secretaries (membership secretary).  What are the board responsibilities?  Dave H:  attend weekly meetings; Harold:  Make decisions about campaigns etc.  Do a lot of organizational tasks.  Paul:  actively participate, provide inspired leadership and actively listen to get others involved and incorporate them within the guidelines of our own constitution; Irene:  do what is best for all; Jada:  how are tasks delegated and communicated?  Dave M:  email list; Wendy: we had a board development and mapped out all the things to do to keep the DNC going and then took on tasks.  We could do this again.  In the meantime please talk to Wendy and Ivan about taking on tasks.  We need to distribute the tasks so there is not an imbalance of power; Dave H: maybe we have board development again once we get the at large members elected; Gord: we need alternates at the street market.  Dave M:  bring that to the committee on Friday at 4 pm.  Ivan:  we didn’t do well mentoring last year to do tasks mostly because too busy, this year we could do shadowing or internships for people who want to do more.  
Agreement:  To do Board development meeting:  Sat, Dec 10th from 3-7 pm at Four Sisters.  Needed roles in the interim:  Keep Tami and Paul as co-presidents until Board development meeting; Roland can do minutes occasionally.  
3) 2012 visioning AGM brainstorming review and next steps – Agree to read Ivan’s package of notes typed up from the DNC AGM and come back prepared to discuss it next board meeting.  Thanks to all the people who took these notes and typed them up.  We need to bring recommendations to the next general membership meeting.

4) New business

a) At large board members:  Six are appointed based on who was not elected with the goal of making the DNC board more representative of the neighbourhood.  We looked at Ivan’s summary of demographics on the board.  We need more queer, seniors, youth, Chinese and Latino.  Paul: should we do another call out for at large members?  Ivan: we’ve done it already.  Jen, Gord and Herb interested to be on the board in this category.  Ivan: need a Chinese community rep –

Agreement:  We’ll approach Harrison Ha (journalist most progressive Chinese language reporter in the city); Ivan Chui from Chinatown historic area; Kim and Lily Tang to share a seat and would require translation -in that order; Latina/Latino:  Andrea who lives in LK project – she is organizing with a Latin American collective; Richard Marquez; we should approve Andrea first before approaching Richard; Karen Ward at Gallery Gachet as a mental health advocate.  We will approach Kelvin from AFD to be in the board. 

We could approach Wade Compton to be on the board.  He is a rep of the Hogan’s Alley Memorial Committee.  If the city keeps the name at the viaduct while gentrifying the area it is a slap in the face and try to rebuild the community.  We could also build an Elder’s advisory committee.  We can discuss this next meeting.  The board can bring recommendations to the General meeting. 

3 potential at large members came to our meeting tonight and they introduced themselves:   Herb is Nisga’a and Nuu-chah-nulth on the board of UNYA and has lived in the DTES for 2 years and lived in East Van for 21 years.  He is an actor in Headlines Theatre.  He is qualified to teach basic self defence.  He spoke at the press conference at York where he lives.  He got invited to the AGM.  His mother lives in Dave H’s building.  Gord:  Been in DNC since the council started the street market.  I’m involved because binners like me try to make a few dollars without being ticketed.  I love the street market idea, go there on Sunday, like that we don’t get ticketed.  I stand for everything that the DTES stands for and will fight for the cause.  Jen:  I’m a former at large board member of DNC, founder of Jen’s Kitchen for 7 years.  I’ve done lots of outreach in DTES.  I’ve been involved in DTES for 5 years and in the lifestyle here for 9 years.  I’m an advocate for survival sex worker human rights.  My goal is to get a report to United Nations about this. 

Agreement:  To invite prospective new board members to come to the next board meeting and hear from others who are interested.  We’ll have an in camera agenda item to make a decision.
b) Dec GM, date, theme – 1st Sat of the month.  Main theme is vision for 2012 and the special resolution for the constitution.  Wendy to see if Carnegie can revisit their decision to have regularly booked meetings there. 

c) DNC board roles and orientation – done above

d) Rhizome – they want us to meet with them to find out how to make it useful to us potentially to be located in the area. 
Agreement:  To go to their meeting tomorrow at 7 pm.  Joe, Roland, Jamie, Richard, Ivan, Irene to meet at Carnegie at 6:30 to go on bus and go check it out.

e) Active members – Jamie:  These members do a lot of the phoning about monthly meetings.  Need most recent contact info available from general members.  We could bring a list to edit at the next GM.  Ivan:  We could also have an active DNC member list.  Dave M:  Free wireless project could be considered for a future DNC project again – Wendy:  add this to the visioning list for 2012.  Jamie for membership secretary!
Agreement:  To bring the newest member list to the next GM on a computer and ask members to give their most recent contact info.

f) Ping – The nominations committee (Paul, Ann and Wendy) met with Tami, Harold, and Ivan the night before the AGM and Richard and made a decision to not allow Ping to run for election.  Wendy told Ping at the start of the meeting during the set up and he got really angry.  Wendy wrote a draft letter from the board to Ping and read it out.  Richard:  It was handled in a tacky way.  He should have been informed before the meeting.  He wanted to do the street market all on his own which was really difficult so he shouldn’t be asked to volunteer with the street market.  We’re all part of the neighbourhood, not just Ping.  Paul:  He was at meetings when he wanted to be.  Jada:  likes the approach of the letter.  Paul:  he missed 90% of the issues.  We found it difficult to work together.  He could raise hell.  Dave H:  nominations committee made the right decision based on participation.  Do we want to get into the part about not working well with groups?  He likes to help people with their legal problems.  Harold:  tone of letter is OK.
Agreement:  to suggest some “tasks” and not projects to take on with DNC and to remove the second reference to “diplomacy” and Ivan to be his contact person.

g) New board meeting time – DJ cannot come to meetings on Mondays.  Dave H will try to get switched off his Friday shifts – Eventually board meetings will be on Fridays from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. 
Agreement:  Ivan to check out the marijuana shop between the sex shop and the ministry of propaganda since we can’t meet at Jacob’s Well.  Vandu as a back up space.   Meet next Monday at Jacob’s Well as usual and have proposal for moving to Fridays then.  Need a kitchen so Jen can cook! 

5) Committee reports

a) Street Market
- Proposal for expansion to be discussed next Friday at 2:30 at VANDU. 
- Ann and Wendy are recommending that we lay off Lyn.  Could the financials be handled in the same way, says Dave H?  Wendy says yes.  Richard:  since Lyn took over there has been less DNC involvement.  Paul:  VANDU is the agency of reckoning for now and we didn’t have the capacity to raise money.  In the end the street market is still under the jurisdiction of DNC.  If we take on management then Maggie should take it on.  Lyn did a lot of good things like the website, the draw etc.  Harold:  we need a full report and the board needs to make a decision.  ??:  Maybe it’s better to have a committee to coordinate and not one coordinator. 
Agreement:  Wendy, Gord, Irene, Dave M, Dave H, Richard and Ann to meet on Wednesday to discuss what to do about Lyn and will add it to the report on expansion and bring the full report to next Monday’s board meeting.   Are many vendors taking advantages of the volunteer positions?  Ivan:  It would be good to know if Lyn kept track of how many volunteer spots were rotated between how many different people. 

6) Treasurer Committee (Wendy)
Motion by Wendy; Seconded by Dave M:  to open up a bank account Vancity in Chinatown and transfer funds from CCEC.  Carried unanimously.
Motion by Dave M; Seconded by Irene:  to make Harold Lavender, Ivan Drury, Tami Starlight and Jamie Richardson the signers on this account.  Carried unanimously
Phones – existing practice was the DNC was subsidizing the cheapest available plan.  $28 a month per person and we may have enough money to do this for 2 people.  Problem is that we have no money.  Decision to table this until the board development meeting.  Jada:  Maybe define it by role like co-presidents and membership secretary.

7)  Pantages Coalition – discussed outside.

Meeting adjourned


Saturday, 5 November 2011

Annual General Meeting 2011 - November 5, 2011

Annual General Meeting 2011
Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood Council  

November 5, 2011, at 3:00 p.m.
Dodson Hall, 25 E. Hastings

Co-Chairs: Tammy Starlight and Paul Martin - Minutes: Letizia Waddington

a) Acknowledgment: Robert.
b) Motion to accept agenda by James Wicky, seconded by Richard Cunningham: CARRIED
c) 2011 Board Members introduce themselves
d) Welcome from Paul Martin and Tammy Starlight: welcome to first-timers, purpose of the board, how to join the board, composition of the board, purpose of the AGM (to elect a new board and amend constitution and by-laws; to form a vision for 2012 through reflection on last year to generate ideas for the future, to enjoy a feast together and a slide-show.
 e) Reading of the DNC Constitution

a) MINUTES:  Reading of the Minutes of AGM 2010: James Wicky moves to accept the minutes, seconded by DJ. Opposed: one. CARRIED

b) FINANCIAL REPORT:  Treasurer’s Report: Dave Hamm moves to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded by Susan Friday. CARRIED

Julie Roberts motions to accept the report, seconded by Herb Varley. CARRIED

Nominees present themselves, their qualifications and programs.

SRO: Richard Cunningham, DJ, Irene Mountain, Jamie Richardson, Paul Martin, Rob Morgan, Charles Sanford, Gord Kinikwan.
Social Housing: Dave Hamm, Harold Lavender, Anne Livingstone, Anne Murray, Wendy Pederson, Diane Wood.
Homeless: Louis Alexander, Joe Leblanc, Roland Clarke, Dave Murray
Market: Yvan Drury, Tammy Starlight.
At large members will be added at the next meeting.

Richard C. moved, Dave H. seconded for Richard Marquez and Marlene Basil to count ballots. CARRIED.

Herb Varley moved, DJ seconded for the ballots to be destroyed. CARRIED.
Election results will be posted widely, including on street corners.
What we did well: street market, LAPP, membership (800 members! soon to be 1000), choosing Ivan who is a stellar organizer, good at taking input form everyone.
Challenges:   Fight for the ten sites and needed resident controlled 5000 units. Men will have to ensure safety for women. We need increased participation by all board members or please give someone else a chance if you can not participate.
Small groups format and written reporting to be typed and brought to next meeting.
TOPICS: Last year’s planned two campaigns: Ten Sites and Restaurant Justice Campaign/Zones of exclusion project. Which campaign was actually worked on? Historic Area Height Review, Lapp, 10 sites, Sequel 138, housing above library, street market, George Mosley, SRO task force, Hotel union organizing, the Wonder palace, the York, Chinatown fight, supporting VANDU to slow down speed.
What inspired you most, what frustrated you most, what should we continue in 2012.
How can DTES NC board be improved, how to get more people involved.
a) Discussion on attached constitution and by-laws document.
Dave Hamm moved to accept outlined changes to the constitution, Paul Martin seconded.  CARRIED.

b) Discussion on edits to By-laws. Edits to Bylaws accepted up to last two edits on Quorum of Directors # 62 to be discussed at next AGM: Moved by James, seconded by Rob (opposed by one) CARRIED

c) Britta moved, Julie seconded to have two co-presidents. CARRIED.

Moved by David Hamm, seconded by Gavin to endorse the Housing March. CARRIED
Announcement: Town Hall meeting on fighting the Pantages 3 p.m. next Saturday


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

DNC Board meeting - November 1, 2011

DNC Board meeting
November 1, 2011

Board: Fraser, Wendy, Ann, Harold, Ping, Richard, Paul, Ivan
Guests: Charles, Dave D, Steven, James, Susan

Agenda: AGM planning

1) Board report on 2012 vision
Ivan: Suggestion to plan a vision for 2012 based on our experiences in 2011
Wendy: Shouldn't push on the future board
Ping: Cannot direct the next board
Harold: Should provide some guidance
Ann: I would want to arrive at the board with a plan from the past board
Wendy: I'd like to hear from Ivan what he thinks about how this could go
Steven: I think the board has insight about what has gone on in
organizing. But I think the general meetings are always too dominated
by board members telling members what to do. That should change. One
of the successes of the DNC has been becoming an alternative
Richard: I want to see us fighting for the 10 sites. We also have been
talking about raise the rates.
Paul: I don't think our goal is to create a binding direction. We
should bring a vision forward based on our experiences.
Dave D: The overall plan could have to do with: Secure adequate
housing; Empower residents (women's safety and tenants' union);
Community control and direction of planning processes.
Ping: We should have at least a small office.
Ivan: We are fighting an impossible battle, need to provide leadership
for a vision.
(Notes from Tami: Our strengths are the diversity of our community,
the valuing of life experience, the connections to the community. Our
weaknesses were that we did not well organize capacity building and
skill sharing. And we have work to do to build our communication
networks stronger.)
Tami's notes continued:
Ivan: Beneath Dave's program of which campaigns we should focus on, we
should talk about how we do that work. I think in 2012 our emphasis
should be more on capacity building.
Harold: Maybe we should have two board reports: One on campaigns and
one on organizational structure and work.
Ann: We don't have good ways to measure the capacity building we have
done. We can't measure it as well as a middle-class group where we can
show the writing work board members have done or whatever. We value
our community for what it accomplishes from its own standards. So who
are we comparing ourselves to when we talk about capacity building.
Wendy: How are we going to do this?
Ping: The board members made the street market great.
Susan: I have board documents I'd like to share that might be helpful.
Fraser: Should be recommendations not rules
Ivan: I suggest we follow what Harold said and break it down into 2
parts: 1) What we have done, and 2) How we have done it. And each will
end in recommendations for next steps.
Paul: Should be focused on celebrating the successes of the last year.
Harold: The edits to the constitution and bylaws will take six hours.
DECISION: Ivan will write a presentation with Tami and Paul for a
board / co-presidents presentation on the board vision and
recommendations. Less than 5 minute presentation and a half hour

2) Constitution and bylaws
Harold: It'll be 6 hours for us to deal with the constitution and bylaws
Fraser: Can't we put the edits over to the next board?
Wendy: We have to spend a bunch of time on the constitution and bylaws
Paul: I don't think the edits to the constitution and bylaws are going
to take a long time. Most of the constitution edits will be easy.
Ivan: We should ask for principled differences with the constitution
and bylaws, but if there's major problems then we should just leave it
as-is, put it off.
Ann: Could move through the edits quickly and do straw polls to
measure relative opposition.
Wendy: Should have a couple people look at the edits and prioritize them.
Harold: Agreed.
Ann: We should do a rehearsal to see how long it takes to get through.
Make two plans: One with the visioning and the other without... in
case the edits will take too long.
Wendy: We could leave the constitution to the end and ask people to
stay in order to squeak through the edits...
James: Somebody should stand up and explain what the whole thing is,
and I think it'll be okay with everyone.
Ann: Make sure it goes up on the projector
Ivan: Let's just go through it by straw poll.
Dave: 1:10 min for elections, 30 for bylaw and constitutional
amendments, 20 for visioning.
Steven: These bylaws are not legally sound.
DECISION: To meet at the Balmoral at 7pm to do last minutes planning.

3) Outreach
- Postering tonight: Ivan, Roland
- Calling: Wendy coordinating. All board members expected to call.

4) Logistics
- Chairs: Paul and Tami
- Opening: Ivan to ask Kelvin
- Layout of chairs to be facing
- Food: Teresa Diewert (Wendy to ask Carnegie to make)
- Food servers instead of line-ups.
- Slideshow: Wendy and Tami
- Poster display: Ivan
- Notetaker: Letitzia (Wendy to ask)
- Photographer: Ivan to ask Murray to volunteer for this

5) Elections
a. Nominations
- Make a nominations committee
- Wendy, Ann, and Paul (MOTION Richard, second Harold. PASSED: Ping 
- Committee will make forms and cover all of details
b. Ballot counter
MOTION: To ask Rider, Mona, and Claudia Li to be ballot counters
(Passed unanimous)
c. Voting problems
- Give the ballots out just before the elections speeches
- No voting cards, it'll be okay.
d. Elections results
DECISION: To post results with names only at VANDU, Carnegie, AFD,
DEWC, plus 30 on poles.

6) Door prizes
a. Door prizes
- Wendy has three door prizes for the meeting
b. Resolutions
- no time for resolutions unfortunately.

Ann: That if the families of the missing and murdered women have not
left yet then we should have them come to the December meeting and
recognize them.

7) Agenda
1) Opening (2 min)
2) Protocols (2 min)
- Approve agenda
- Approve minutes
- Ballot counters
3) Vision (20 min)
4) Election (1:10 min)
5) Constitution and bylaws edits (30 min)
6) Food and door prizes and open mic with quiet music

Meeting adjourned 8:10pm.